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Kenny Chesney met album Cosmic Hallelujah

kenny chesney cosmic hallelujah

Kenny Chesney heeft de tracklist bekend gemaakt van zijn 20e album wt eigenlijk  'Some Town Somewhere'  zou gaan heten.

De plaat gaat 'Cosmic Hallelujah' heten en komt uit op 20 Oktober

 kennychesney: I’ve been blessed with some of the best songs out there, some songs written just for this album by writers whose work I’ve loved for years. When #SettingTheWorldOnFire came together, it opened a window of time and because of that, some songs that had come in after we were done, I didn’t have to save for the next album. Suddenly, everything was changing, and the album I’m releasing now has a lot of what made Some Town Somewhere capture the essential part of who the @noshoesnation is, but really takes the your-life-is-now piece of The Big Revival and expands it. I can't wait for you to have #CosmicHallelujah on October 28th.


1. Trip Around the Sun

2. All the Pretty Girls

3. Setting the World On Fire (With @pink)

4. Noise

5. Bucket

6. Bar at the End of the World

7. Some Town Somewhere

8. Rich and Miserable

9. Jesus and Elvis

10. Winnebago

11. Coach




Kenny Chesney begon in 1994 met zijn eerste eigen album en is sinds dien niet te stoppen. Met goed album na album groeit hij in bekendheid. Zijn meest recente album 'The Big Revival' werd in 2014 gereleased, en hij vond het nu tijd worden voor een nieuw album.


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