Colt Ford met 4 Lane Gone


4 Lane Gone (Official Lyrics)

Been raining for three days, on the fast track to the highway

Trying to save a little time, Lord I never should have tried

Taking this back road shortcut, now I’m way stuck so sunk

I’ll never catch her now, so I just put the tailgate down

She’s probably somewhere doing 95, I got nothing but this cooler and time


I cracked one waiting on a ride, two or three just to pass the time

While she’s headed to a new town and I’m too lost to be found

She probably thinks that I don’t care, stuck in the rut in the middle of nowhere

And just my luck I’ll be here all night long, man I’m bummed out back road buzzed

And she’s 4 lane gone, yeah she’s four lane gone

Every empty beer can makes me

Miss her like hell, man I can kick myself

For the place and the shape I’m in holding me back

Yeah my wheels keep on spinning and she’s ticked off black top fast


While I’m stuck here all alone

With a midnight natty light

One more chance I’ve blown


Yeah she’s four lane gone, I’m out here all alone

Yeah she’s four lane gone, She’s four lane four lane gone

Yeah she’s four lane gone, She’s four lane gone