(Turn on subtitles for english lyrics) Being betrayed by a loved one is one of the worst experiences. But set out to find another dream. The trick is to get up once more than you are knocked down: BACK ON THE RUN.
?? Von einem geliebten Menschen betrogen zu werden, ist eine der schlimmsten Erfahrungen. Doch mach dich auf, einen anderen Traum zu finden. Die Kunst ist es, einmal mehr aufzustehen, als man umgeworfen wird: BACK ON THE RUN.
?? Être trompé par un être cher est l'une des pires expériences. Pourtant, lance-toi à la recherche d'un autre rêve. L'art consiste à se relever une fois de plus quand on est renversé : BACK ON THE RUN.
?? Ser traído por um ente querido é uma das piores experiências. Mas se propôs a encontrar outro sonho. A arte é se levantar mais uma vez do que ser derrubado: BACK ON THE RUN.

Worldwide single release date of the radio edit version: March 24, 2023
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Wir möchten das Release unserer neuen Single und Video zum Anlass nehmen, uns von unserem Freund und treuesten Fan, Musikliebhaber, Musikkenner und Musiksammler allererster Güte, Peter Kühn, ein letztes Mal zu verabschieden: R.I.P., Peter! *** We would like to take the release of our new single and video as an opportunity to say a final farewell to our friend and most loyal fan, music lover, music connoisseur and music collector of the very first order, Peter Kühn: R.I.P., Peter!

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Lyrics Klaus Rieger, Music Klaus Rieger/Wolfgang Vorpahl/Michael Austermeier

The time my travel started seems ages now ago
It was the time we parted, our love melted like snow
You swore that you would love me, cruel coldness I did get
Your laughter still does hurt me, it stabbed me in the back

I’m walking through a desert still far away from home
The things that people taught me had turned my heart to stone
A voice so soft and well known is drumming in my ears
It haunts the mask I’ve chosen to get rid of my fears

So at last I’m back on the run
Searching for another dream in the midnight sun
Once again I’m back on the run
Soon I might be gone

I’m sitting in a tower counting clouds above
Watching a soft flower, I guess, one calls her love
You better shouldn’t touch her, ‘cause she’s burning like a flame
She lasts about an hour, you’ll soon forget her name

So at last I’m back on the run
Searching for another dream in the midnight sun
Once again I’m back on the run
Soon I might be gone

So at last I’m back on the run
Searching for another dream in the midnight sun
Once again I’m back on the run
Soon I might be gone

Back on the run
Searching for another dream in the midnight sun
Once again I’m back on the run
Soon I might be gone

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“BACK ON THE RUN”: ℗ 2020 Chancy Squire © 2020 Michael Koers
Cover photo: © Adobe Stock – helen_f
Official Chancy Squire Video licenses: © Kanisi Ltd. (rotorvideos)
Photo “Frühlings-Hintergrund”: iStockPhoto – Leonid Ikan
Supported on drums by René Renoir (formerly known as René Uyumaz)

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