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Abbey wrote the song ‘While I’m Here’ in memory of her uncle. When she was recording her album in
Los Angeles, she received a phone call he’d passed away. “This phone call had a big impact on me, and therefore the song is mainly inspired by my uncle. It’s about celebrating life and love with the time you’re given on our planet. I’m hoping it can help people get their spirits up, especially in these strange times we’re living in. The key to life is to even find beauty in every experience, no matter what.”

She recorded the music video from ‘While I’m Here’ with British director Rowan While.
“The video is my vision of how life should be lived: going on a road trip through nature with your friends, and it’s also a small nudge to my uncle’s youth”, so Abbey says.

Abbey’s debut album ‘Red Wine & Cigarettes’ is a tribute to the country and Americana music she so dearly loves. It was recorded in Los Angeles with Grammy-winning producer Rich Jacques. Abbey,
although being used to the spotlights, is still a bit scared to call herself a full-blown singer. “I’m first and foremost a storyteller, just this time I’m doing it through my songs. Making music feels much more exposed as acting, as it comes straight from your own heart. There’s no mask to hide behind or a role to play.” It’s also not a complete switch in careers, as there are still various motion pictures on the horizon for Abbey.

About Abbey Hoes:
Abbey is a Dutch actrice, though she rather calls herself someone who crafts and tell stories. She’s won a Best Actrice ‘Gouden Kalf’ (the Dutch equivalent of the Oscar) for the lead in the movie ‘Nena’. She also played the female lead in the television drama series ‘Petticoat’, for which she received her second ‘Gouden Kalf’. She also had lead roles in movies such as ‘Verliefd op Cuba’ and ‘De Koning van Katoren’, and starred in television series such as ‘Zwarte Tulp’, ‘Van God Los’ and ‘Nieuwe Buren’.