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Maren Morris en haar nieuwe single "To Hell & Back".

Maren Morris en "To Hell & Back"

Maren Morris volgde haar nummer 1-single "The Bones" op met de release van "To Hell & Back".

De song is geschreven door Maren, Jessie Jo Dillon en Laura Veltz en staat momenteel na 20 weken op nummer 44 in de Billboard Country Airplay chart.

Tijdens een recente Q&A onthulde Maren waarom ze besloot om "To Hell & Back" uit te brengen als haar nieuwe single tijdens de pandemie.

“I chose ‘To Hell & Back’ to put out as a single right now because I think we’re in such a reflective time being sort of stuck at home either by ourselves or with our families, with our dogs, we just have a lot of time to have some introspection, and I feel like ‘To Hell & Back’ is very much about accepting your imperfections and the person in your life accepting them as well, whether that’s your partner or your friends or your family. I think it’s all about your halo’s a little bent, a little dirty, and that person still thinks you’re the cat’s meow. And I love that because it really is this unconditional sort of love that’s not based around ‘Well, you do this for me and you be this perfect person I put on a pedestal and then we can talk about loving each other forever.’ This is like, ‘I will love you no matter what sort of ashes we’re sitting in, because we’re sitting in them together.’”

Bekijk hieronder de songtekstvideo van Maren voor 'To Hell & Back' 





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