vrijdag, 08 mei 2020 12:43

Kenny Chesney met video voor “We Do”

Kenny Chesney en 'We Do'

Kenny Chesney heeft een door fans gevulde video uitgebracht voor zijn nieuwe nummer 'We Do'.

De song is afkomstig van zijn nieuwe album Here and Now en geschreven door Kenny, Craig Wiseman, Scooter Carusoe en David Garcia.

De 'We Do' video is geregisseerd door Shaun Silva en bevat clips van Kenny's fans die van zijn concerten genieten.

“I’ve wanted to paint this picture for a long time,” Aldus Kenny “But I never had the song that said what I needed to say about what we all share together. Once I did, it was a matter of how to build this clip in a way that captures the essence of it! Because you try to tell people, and they can’t quite get their heads around it . . . I look at those faces, the kids up on the stage hugging me, the guy throwing his arms into the air on his dad’s shoulders, and I think, ‘Yeah! That’s what the best rockers did for me, too.’ No matter how hard I work, how much we play, I will spend my life trying to give back as much as they give us because nobody throws passion at a band harder than No Shoes Nation.”

Bekijk de hieronder de video voor "We Do".