dinsdag, 10 januari 2017 20:26

High Valley live in de Today Show

Broers Brad en Curtis Rempel van High Valley waren vandaag te gast in de Today Show, dit was hun Amerikaanse televisie debuut.

Het Canadese bracht hun single "Make You Mine", de song staat momenteel op nummer 23 in de Billboard's Country Airplay chart.

Deze song hielp de broers aan een platencontract bij Warner Brothers in 2015.

When we were working on ‘Make You Mine’—that was before we had a record deal or anything—thankfully, the song caught enough action on YouTube and on iTunes that all of a sudden record labels got interested,” aldus Brad. “What we loved so much about Warner Brothers, when they signed us, is they said, ‘Hey, we don’t want you guys to change anything . . . We want “Make You Mine” to be the first single.’ We were overjoyed. You hear all these horror stories of bands signing record deals and all of the sudden losing all control and we have had the exact opposite. We’ve always tried to give our fans a lot of control, and thankfully, Warner Brothers thought that was the smartest way to do it, and they’ve allowed us to keep doing that.


Chech hieronder de performance van High Valley



In Februari komen de heren naar Nederland voor een twee tal concerten