dinsdag, 10 september 2019 18:16

Florida Georgia Line met ´Blessings´

Florida Georgia Line gaat proberen om hun 17e nummer 1 single te scoren met de release van hun nieuwe song Blessings die op 23 september uitgebracht wordt.

Tyler Hubbard en Brian Kelley hebben het nieuwe nummer geschreven met Tom Douglas, Jesse Frasure, Jordan Schmidt en Ernest K. Smith.

This is another love song we both fell in love with and had to put on this album,” aldus Brian. “It’s a couple years old and we were kinda digging through the files and as this album really continued to take shape, we kinda dug through the archives and ‘Blessings’ really matched our mindset sonically where the album was headed and where we wanted to go. You always gotta count your blessings.

It is a love song, but I think it’s a great reminder for us and for everybody else that’s listening to our album, no matter where you’re at, no matter what you have going on, no matter how many blessings or how little blessings you have, everybody’s got something to be thankful for and blessings in their life, even if it’s just the weather outside, so it’s important to be grateful, be thankful, and always count your blessings—a lot of joy comes out of that—so don’t forget to count your blessings,” voegt Tyler toe.

Blessings is de derde single van het album Can't Say I Aint Country uit 2019, de opvloger van de #1 song Simple en het nummer Talk You Out Of It. Luister hieronder naar Blessings