Debuutalbum Drake White

18 juni 2016

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Drake White gaat op 19 augustus zijn debuutalbum “Spark” uitbrengen op het Dot label.

Drake schreef mee aan tien van de 12 songs op het album, waaronder de hitsingle “Livin’ The Dream”.


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“It’s super diverse. There’s so many different songs, so many different moods to it, because I’ve had my whole life to write it, and I’ve had a lot of different songs to choose from. I went in very strategically and picked these tunes”, aldus Drake.



1. Heartbeat
2. Story
3. Makin’ Me Look Good Again
4. It Feels Good
5. Livin’ The Dream
6. I Need Real
7. Back To Free
8. Equator
9. Live Some
10. Waitin’ On The Whiskey To Work
11. Elvis
12. Take Me As I Am


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