maandag, 30 september 2019 20:01

Chris Lane scoort tweede #1 song 'I Don’t Know About You'

New Country artiest Chris Lane scoord deze week zijn tweede nummer 1 hit in zijn carrière.

De tweede nummer 1 song van Chris is I Don’t Know About You en geschreven door Ashley Gorley, Hardy, Hunter Phelps en Jameson Rogers I Don’t Know About You is afkomstig van het album Laps Around the Sun 'uit 2018.

Chris noteerde zijn eerste nummer 1 single in 2016 met de song Fix.

“There were a lot of lines that stood out in this song, but the one line that stood out to me, honestly, is the same line that I think stands out to everybody else—the ‘wrist tattoo bible verse’ line, because people don’t call this song ‘I Don’t Know About You,’ which is the real name of it,” aldus Chris. “I don’t care if I’m in a grocery store or whatever, people will come up and say, ‘I love your “wrist tattoo bible verse” song’ [laughing]. So, people have associated that line as being the line of the song.”

11 oktober staat Chris Lane op het podium van de 013 met de tour van Brad Paisley

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